There was a great worshipper during the time of Essa A.S. that engaged in excessive Ibaadat of Allah Ta’ala. There was also a great sinner living in the same era. Once Essa A.S. was walking, and this great worshipper fell at the feet of Essa A.S., who was a great Nabi of Allah Ta’ala. The sinner was watching this from a distance and felt extremely remorseful thinking of his terrible condition, and looking at the lofty status of these great personalities. When the worshipper saw the sinner, he thought to himself that this is a great sinner and made Dua, “O Allah, let me not be anywhere near him on the day of Qiyaamah.”

Due to such attitude, Allah Ta’ala decided that he will send the worshipper to Jahannam. Many great Sufis were destroyed due to their pride. Previously, the world was inhabited by the Jinn who are rebellious by nature, so Allah Ta’ala destroyed them. Iblees was also from amongst the Jinn but he was extremely pious due to his worship of Allah Ta’ala. Due to the intercession of the angels, he was accepted to stay amongst the Malaaikah. Now, Iblees thought that he will be appointed as the vicegerent of Allah Ta’ala on the earth, but to his amazement Adam A.S. was appointed as the Khalifa of Allah Ta’ala on earth. He therefore objected using his logic. He said, “He is created from sand whereas I am created from fire, thus I am superior.” He failed to fulfil the command of Allah by prostrating to Adam A.S..

Sometimes a Mashwera is made whilst we in Jamaat, as to who should deliver the Bayaan. We think that we are most deserving and should be appointed to conduct the programme, but another is chosen for this task. A person then gets a feeling in his heart, why was that person appointed? A natural feeling that one experiences is beyond one’s control, but it is dangerous when one builds on it. Even worse is when a person goes on speaking about it and even objects, why was so and so made the Ameer? This type of problem is common in various departments of Deen.

Sometimes the Sheikh gives a person Khilaafat, another person feels that he is more worthy of it, how was it given to this person? These illnesses are quite common amongst the worshippers of Allah Ta’ala. Through worship servitude suppose to come into a person, but this person in the time of Essa A.S. regarded himself as someone great. Sometimes a person regards himself as more superior on account of his knowledge. Sometimes people kiss your hands and refer to you as Hadrat, this also brings pride easily into a person. Some of our Saathies say, “We also wish that people make Musaafaha with us, kiss our hands, etc.” These are things that could be dangerous and we should be made alert of these things.

An important point to take note of, this incident doesn’t give us the license to sin, it doesn’t mean that every sinner will go to Jannat. This particular sinner was feeling guilty over his actions therefore he was blessed with such a lofty rank, else there is no comparison between a person that obeys Allah Ta’ala and the one that sins.

How high is the status of that Aabid that doesn’t have pride! He worships Allah c but is on his guard at all times. Shaytaan attacks each person differently; he won’t take an Aabid to the cinema or casino. He will allow him to engage in his Ibaadat but attacks him by bringing pride into his Ibaadat and causes him to object on other Ulema which is quite common, also one Aabid commonly objects on another Aabid, thus we should be on our guard in regards to these things. We can’t even protect ourselves, rather it is only Allah Ta’ala who can help us. Hadrat Hakim Saheb R.A says, “Our work will only get done with the Fadhl of Allah, we are just hoping that Allah Ta’ala makes Fadhl on us.” There is no power of turning away from sin and no ability to do good except by the might of Allah Ta’ala. We are continuously in need of the help of Allah Ta’ala, and it is only this help that will save and protect a person.

We should never think that we are safe from the plan of Allah Ta’ala. When Shaytaan was expelled from Jannat, Jibraeel A.S., Michaeel A.S., and others stood shocked for years. Seeing their condition, Allah Ta’ala asked, “Why are you people like this?” They replied, “There isn’t a span of ground where Shaytaan didn’t make Ibaadat, he was such an Alim that he knew the Shariat of all the Ambiya with the finer points, he was an Aarif, yet he was expelled from Jannat. Our Sheikh writes that he wasn’t an Aashiq (lover) of Allah Ta’ala. A lover doesn’t follow logic but simply does as he is told. Allah Ta’ala told them, “This is the attitude that you should adopt, be afraid of your end result.” Never think that you are accepted by Allah Ta’ala. Naaz is a serious thing, where a person feels that he is okay and doesn’t need to worry. The Sahaaba R.A. in spite of their high and lofty ranks, and living in the best of eras feared hypocrisy.

After performing Salaah, we should think whether our Salaah has been accepted or not. It is mentioned in the Hadith, the Salaah of the servants are accepted according to the quality of their Salaah, but there are those people upon whom their Salaah is flung back. We don’t know the condition of our Salaah and should always beg of Allah Ta’ala to accept our Salaah, and constantly fear. We should also make this Dua which will be beneficial, “O Allah! Throughout my life, I had performed Salaah, performed Haj, discharged Zakaat, etc., these were outward forms, put reality into them. If for any reason they were rejected, You are most Kind and will still accept it. If I had destroyed any Ibaadat due to ostentation, place them back on record and in fact increase the reward even more than before.” Allah Ta’ala is Kareem(Most Generous), Raheem (Most Merciful), Rahmaan (Most Beneficient) thus we have great hopes in Allah Ta’ala. Imaan is between the fear of Allah Ta’ala and the mercy of Allah Ta’ala. If we look at the quality of our actions we will lose hope, but if we have to look at the mercy of Allah Ta’ala then no person will ever become despondent. A man that murdered 100 people was forgiven when he repented, an evil woman that provided water for a thirsty dog was forgiven.

Hajee Ahmad Nakhooda Saheb mentioned that an old lady was speaking Arabic whilst on her death bed. The Qari Saheb from the Masjid was called to explain what she was saying. Her words were as follows,

هذا الرجلان يقولان لى ادخلى الجنّة

These two men are telling me, enter into Jannah

She is speaking fluent Arabic whereas she never understood a word of Arabic. The people were all astonished at this, as she was not considered as a very pious person. One particular quality in her was that she always requested people to keep silent when the Adhaan would be called. Respecting the Adhaan is a great thing but our actions prove otherwise, we do not even reply to the Adhaan.

If Allah Ta’ala has to look at our faults, nobody will be successful on the day of Qiyaamah, except the Ambiya A.S who are sinless, but Allah Ta’ala looks for little excuses and grants a person Jannat. May Allah Ta’ala grant us this quality of living our lives between hope and fear! Ameen. 

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